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For individuals or small groups, of all ages and abilities.


At your home or office (anywhere between Nyon and Martigny) , in one of our locations (Montreux or Morcles) or with the Webcam


Lessons are available Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm. Lesson times will be agreed to suit your own schedule.


All lessons are tailored to your needs and ability. I teach everyday words and expressions that are relevant to your day to day life, so you can immediately put what you learn in to practice. If there is a particular situation you need assistance with - for example, writing a formal letter to your landlord, talking to your child's teacher or just getting your hair done in a Swiss salon - I am happy to help and give you the language skills you need.

A variety of methods are used including discussion, listening to French dialogue or music, reading French articles and completing grammar exercises. My teaching is structured, but not rigid, and delivered with personality and enthusiasm.

1 hour lesson

(60 mins)


1 adult          90.-

2 adults        55.-/pers.

3+ adults      35.-/pers.

1 child           from 50.-

2+ children   from 20.-/ pers.

Contract for 10 hours

 1 adult          800.-

 2 adults        500.-/pers.

 3+ adults      250.-/pers.

Contract for 20 hours

 1 adult          1400.-

 2 adults        800.-/pers.

 3+ adults      400.-/pers.

Intensive course

(3 hours, 3 times a week,

over 2.5 months)

 1 adult          3600.-

 2 adults        2100.-/pers.

 3+ adults      1650.-/pers.


Prices are in Swiss Francs, with all taxes included. Payment to be made at the time of booking.

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