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Our locations

Switzerland is an open, progressive country that attracts thousands of international students from around the world. It is a great destination for city and nature-lovers alike: there are cosmopolitan cities, beautiful landscapes and a large variety of outdoor activities including skiing and hiking.

With four national languages – German, French, Italian and Romanche – and English widely taught in schools, Switzerland is the perfect place to practice your language skills.

The Swiss Touch School has two locations, both situated in canton Vaud: Montreux and Morcles.  Montreux is a vibrant town on the edge of Lake Geneva best known for its summer jazz festival and its Christmas market. Morcles, a picturesque mountain village, offers stunning views of the Alps (in particular the twin summit of the Dent de Morcles and the Cime de l’Est), traditional Swiss houses and a convenient base for hiking, sealskin skiing or visits to the nearby thermal baths in Lavey.

Wherever you choose to study, you can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome.

Montreux classroom.jpeg
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