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Study Holidays

The Swiss Touch School offers full-immersion French courses: the fast and fun way to learn a language!



The students stay in their teacher’s home: a spacious and traditional Swiss chalet in the mountain village of Morcles. Set over three floors, the chalet offers students three bedrooms each with two beds, a classroom where your lessons will take place and a lounge area where you can relax, read or socialise with other students…. all with panoramic views of the Swiss Alps.

A typical day


Every morning after breakfast, you will have a French lesson lasting approximately 2 hours. This is followed by lunch, during which we organise the activity of the day. 


In the afternoon, we leave for a cultural or sporting activity to discover this magnificent region of French-speaking Switzerland.

On our return, you have about 1 hour to do your homework before sharing an evening meal with the family. If you want to continue to improve your French after dinner we could play a board game or watch a movie...

The advantages of The Swiss Touch School


As there is a maximum of six students at any time, each lesson will be personalised for you, focusing on exactly what you need.  In addition, you will be able to put your French into practice as you share the daily life of the family, with mealtime conversations, television and other activities all taking place in French.


In a conventional language school, students speak their own language with friends when they are not in class. With The Swiss Touch School, you have the opportunity to speak French before, during and after your lessons… a truly unique, full-immersion experience!

It's possible to make learning fun!


Make your French learning experience more enjoyable by finding out about local customs and history through visits to museums, medieval villages or by trying the regional cuisine.  Perhaps you could become a master at preparing fondue?


We organise and accompany you on interesting or sporting excursions: for example a chocolate factory, thermal baths, the Olympic Museum, the Alimentarium Museum ... or try your hand at tree climbing, skiing etc.



Full-immersion courses are available for ages 10 - 75. During the week, you will have 10 hours of French lessons and 5 activities/excursions.

The price includes meals and drinks (the week is from Sunday afternoon to Saturday morning):


1 week, 1 person                    CHF 1'500.-

1 week, 2 people                    CHF 1'050 per person

1 week, 3-4 people                 CHF 735 per person

Transfers (from/to Geneva airport) :                CHF 150.-

Do you want to personalise your trip?


Don't hesitate to contact us - we'd be happy to help!


Welcome to La Marmotte!
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