Study in Switzerland

Would you like to spend a year in Switzerland studying French? The Swiss Touch School, in association with Interlangues Sàrl, is offering you this opportunity. We are offering a 36 week language course, spread over 1 year, consisting of 3 lessons per week (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) plus 1.5 - 2 hours of homework each day. We will give you all the help and support you require: for example, helping to arrange accommodation; meeting you at the airport on arrival; and organising excursions if desired.

Price for a 36 week course:

CHF 10,000.- if you do not need us to organise your accommodation

CHF 15,000.- if you would like us to help you find accommodation

Price includes: registration fee, photocopies, lessons.

Price excludes: visa, registration for the DELF certificate, accommodation, excursions.

Courses of 10 or 20 weeks are available on request.

Minimum age 18 (no upper age limit).


To acquire your entry visa and student permit B, you will require the following:

  • A completed enrollment form and Student-School Contract (available on request);

  • A cover letter explaining why you want to study French in Switzerland (example letter provided);

  • Your Curriculum Vitae;

  • A copy of your passport;

  • 2 passport sized photographs;

  • Copies of any diploma / degree certificates;

  • Details of work experience (if any) and, where relevant, a letter from your employer stating that your position at the company will still be available to you after completing your studies; and

  • A bank transfer receipt showing payment in full of tuition fees.

Once accepted on the course, The Swiss Touch will provide you with:

  • An acceptance letter (attestation);

  • A bank receipt and school attestation of payment (confirmation de règlement de scolarité); and

  • A detailed programme of your studies (programme d’études).

You should then go to your local Swiss Embassy, taking the documents received from us, your passport, 6 passport photos, your cover letter and a financial guarantee from someone who will finance your study and living costs during your stay in Switzerland. Inform the Embassy that you are going to start a one year study programme to gain an international diploma in General French.

The Embassy will send your papers to the regional visa authorities in Switzerland. The whole process takes about 8 to 16 weeks, after which you should receive an authorization of entry in to Switzerland.